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This premium processed cane comes gouged by Glotin and is sold by the piece.

Grown in the South of France (Fréjus-Var), Glotin continues its time honoured tradition of hand-cut, biennial harvests followed by a two year seasoning period. This legendary four year process results in a pale coloured, medium-soft cane that boasts a fine silky texture, with many harvests often yielding small batches of the coveted purple-hued pieces that are said to indicate a uniquely dense and creamy textured culm. Finished reeds can be described as focused and singing. 

We at Sandpiper are proud to offer a variety of brand name cane, grown and harvested in the best climates and conditions providing our customers with only premium high yielding products. Although many brands do demonstrate general consistency throughout their product line, please remember when trying any given brand, cane is a natural plant that can produce unique characteristics from batch to batch and no two pieces are ever truly the same.

  • Sold by the piece