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This premium processed oboe d'amore cane from the Var region of France comes gouged and shaped by Lorée and is sold by the piece.

Arguably the most popular cane on the market from one of the most beloved oboe and English horn icons, Lorée cane has been celebrated the world over for its quality and consistency. This medium hard cane with its distinctive marbling and smooth texture offers higher yields of processed pieces that lend themselves to producing durable reeds with beautifully focused and dark presentation.

We at Sandpiper are proud to offer a variety of brand name cane, grown and harvested in the best climates and conditions providing our customers with only premium high yielding products. Although many brands do demonstrate general consistency throughout their product line, please remember when trying any given brand, cane is a natural plant that can produce unique characteristics from batch to batch and no two pieces are ever truly the same.

  • Each piece is sold separately