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The 6" Diamond Whetstone by DMT features an innovative polka-dot pattern to trap metal debris and ensure continuous edge contact for the quickest, cleanest sharpening on the planet. DMT sharpeners rank the highest in diamond coverage, diamond uniformity and surface flatness.  Together these qualities produce a superior edge time after time, year after year.  This whetstone offers a generous 6" sharpening surface and comes with a beautiful hardwood box for storage. Engineered to be rugged, lightweight and compact, this is the ideal bench stone for in the studio or on the go. 
No oil needed - sharpen dry or with water.

Comes complete with hardwood box.

Available in Extra-Fine or Fine


Extra-Fine: polishes and refines (9 micron)

Fine: hones and sharpens (25 micron)

Surface Size: 6” x 2.25” 

Made in USA