Sandpiper Oboe Boutique


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Sandpiper oboe reed blanks are hand made in house using high quality cane with a Ross gouge, Mack++ shape and tied on your choice of Chiarugi #2 or #2+ 47mm brass staples. Finished off with Tinsel Reed Topper, these are perfect for beginner reed makers wanting to perfect their scraping as well as for experienced reed makers wanting to save time.   

All reed blanks are lightly scraped and clipped open.  If you'd prefer a blank without any scraping, please send us a message with your purchase.

Shipped in impact resistant reed coffins.

There is usually a 2 day lead time as they are made to order but they will be shipped as soon as they are ready.

Length of staple: 47mm

Overall (tied on before clipping open) length: 73mm